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Safety is always a very important subject in the auto industry. Safety is also the core value that HAVAL has pursued for a long time. Last week, themed as "View Genuine Quality in Person - 100 Percent Safety" a real vehicle dismantling activity of an HAVAL H2 was successfully held at the broadcasting studio of vehicle dismantling located at YiZhuang, Beijing, and was broadcasted live on the internet. Zhang Jinhuan, the director of Tsinghua University of the automotive crash test lab and Yang Jie, the head of the Chinses automotive engineering society light weight department were present at the event as guests, and made professional comments.

Pedestrian Protection

In the event of a collision normally the shin or knee of a pedestrian will be subject to injury by the front bumper. For SUV's with a higher chassis the thigh may also be injured, and then the pedestrians body may be rotated due to the impact, there is a possibility that the pedestrian's head will collide with the bonnet or the front windshield. As a result, reasonable and optimized vehicle body structure will assist in alleviating injuries caused to the pedestrian.

From the figure we can find that a crash box is installed between the cross member and frames longitudinal beam of the HAVAL H2. At a low speed the safety protection system crash box will assist the pedestrian to avoid high impact with the vehicle. In the case of a collision the crash box will crumple, thus effectively absorbing the collision energy in the event of a low speed collision.

The spineless wiper used on the HAVAL H2 is also designed with comparatively high safety factors, and is able to prevent the pedestrian from being injured in the event of a collision.

Passive Safety

The on spot vehicle dismantling of covering parts, body, interior seats, inner trim panels, engine and transmission of the HAVAL H2 are dismantled efficiently by personnel, in order to ensure that everyone can view the body structure and assembly process clearly.

Speaking from an instinctive impression, the thicker body panels used to strengthen the interior structure will assist with less deformation in the event of an accident, and a very high safety rating will be achieved. The HAVAL H2 is built with high rigidity steel to adhere to safety requirements. Up to 62% of the HAVAL H2's body is made with high rigidity steel.

Minister Yang Jie made comments on vehicles appearance, body and overall structure: "At present the domestic auto makers mostly utilize 590# high rigidity steel, while for the HAVAL H2, apart from the fact that the number is greater of such steel being utilized, anti-corrosion treatments such as tin-coating and wax spraying application are also carried out, to ensure that the designed lifetime of the vehicles are achieved."

In terms of the power transmission channel design, for the HAVAL H2 has a full and continuous power transmission channel of front, tail, bottom and side parts, thus ensuring soundness of the passenger cabin in case of a collision and alleviating passenger's injury.

In terms of vehicle crash safety, Zhang Jinhuan, director of the Tsinghua University automotive crash test lab expressed his point of view: "Actually speaking, the harder the metal is not always the most suitable for automobiles, as we think. As we know, flexibility is also very important for the automobile such as doors, A Pillar and B Pillar. For the HAVAL H2, body parts are also reinforced through laser welding technology."

In terms of protection on the HAVAL H2, stiffeners in the door panel have been designed in order to withstand a side impact. As a whole, the HAVAL H2 has achieved both an A-NCAP and C-NCAP rating, which is due to the overall body structure design.

A discussion on which configurations and functions can protect passengers effectively in a collision was made had. The following equipment such as seat belt with a pre-tensioner, neck protection, collapsible steering column and anti-diving seats can offer protection for the passengers effectively. It's worth mentioning that the HAVAL H2 Luxury is equipped with 6 airbags and air curtains covering front and rear passenger positions, force limit front seat belt with a pre-tensioner, force limit 3-point rear seat belt, thus ensuring all round passenger's safety in conjunction with the airbags.

Active Safety

A vehicle with an active safety function will sure have a comparatively high accident prevention capability, especially in the case of emergencies, car safety should be ensured. Hence, in the daily use active safety is of utmost importance.

The HAVAL H2 adopts the 9.2 ESP integrated system including ABS (Anti Brake System), EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution), TCS (Traction Control System), HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assist), HAC (Hill Ascend Control), HDC (Hill Descent Control), AVH (Automatic Parking), RMI (Automatic Anti-rollover. The system is crucially important for safe driving in the HAVAL H2, the results for the vehicle swerving or wet and slippery road can be controlled. Sensors can detect side slipping of wheels, and the system is able to control brake force of each wheel and power of the engine. The system responds promptly, and can ensure safe driving on a wet and slippery road. Meanwhile, TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) is also fitted to monitor the tyre pressure and temperature, and send an alarm to the driver in case of any anomalies, thus further enhancing driving safety


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